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    1. "Stafecka īpašumi", Ltd., "Orhideja", travel agency, Hotel Cesis, Accommodation Cesis

      accommodation cesis

      Liela Skolas 7, Cesis, Cesu n., LV-4101, Latvia

      +371 64124077

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    2. "Kundzini", Farm, Guest house, bath-house, Tub

      "Kundzini", Vidrizu p., Limbazu n., LV-4013, Latvia


      .. Guest house, guest houses, bath-house, baths, sauna, saunas, accommodation , accommodation , overnight stay, hot tub, party organization, children's party organization, tent places, fireplace, grill, outdoor fireplace, fishing, fishing, recreation house, holiday homes, bath-house attendant, bathhouse attendant, bathhouse
    3. "Upmali", Farm, Guest house, Catering in Ligatne

      "Upmali", Ligatnes p., Ligatnes n., LV-4108, Latvia


      Wedding celebration Ligatne Accommodation in Ligatne Guest house, guest house, hostel, hotel for up to 100 people, hotels, celebrations, seminars, rest evenings, organization of events, catering, table laying, leisure activities, recreation outdoors, sport fields, picnic places, baths, accommodation , tent places, children camps,
    4. "Bērzi", kafejnīca

      Placis, "Berzi", Straupes p., Pargaujas n., LV-4152, Latvia


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    5. "Sertifikācijas un testēšanas centrs", SIA

      Priekuli, Darza 12, Priekulu p., Priekulu n., LV-4126, Latvia


      .. certification. Machinery equipment and production equipment certification. Agricultural equipment certification. Recognition of certification documents. Hostel Priekuli. Premises for rent, (for bureau) accommodation , conference and seminar premises, (number of places from 60 - 300 places) catering, opportunity to organize
    6. "Spāriņu kalns", viesu nams

      "Gala Sparini", Priekulu p., Priekulu n., LV-4126, Latvia


      Spāriņu mountain, guest house, guest houses, rural tourism, horse rides, overnight stay, seminars, bath-house, baths, banquet hall, premises for celebrations, weddings, banquet tables, banquet table setting. Accommodation . Premises for weddings, organization of weddings. Guest house.. games, sports game organization. Carp pond,
    7. Smiltenes tehnikums

      Kalnamuiza, "Kalnamuiza 10", Smiltenes p., Smiltenes n., LV-4729, Latvia


      .. . Educational institution offers students: accommodation in the hostel, canteen and cafe services, A and B category driving courses, A, B, C, E, G tractor equipment courses. There is an opportunity to practice in the leading companies in Latvia and abroad, develop yourself in various cultural and sport groups, participate in professional